It’s the beginning of the week but you don’t have to fall for those Monday Blues. Look forward to putting on a smile at Two Hands with our Monday Comedy Nights. Join us for some light hearted laughter and forget that it’s ONLY Monday with our special $6 selected stubbies and $5 pizzas.


Chill with a Two Hands burger on Thursdays for $5, $6 House Spirits & $5 House Wine/Sparkling between 5pm-8pm! With a selection to choose from out of beef, fish and vegetarian choices. We’ve got chips, onion rings and other great sides should you feel like something extra! 


Wind down on Sundays with $5 Pizzas & $10 Cocktails. Come in for a late brunch and dinner to enjoy the rest of the weekend!



Get great deals on Tuesdays at Two Hands Bar with $4 fried chicken and wash it down with some $5 Pint C.A Beer



Start off the weekend with some $12 Long Island Iced Tea/ Fresh Espresso Martini cocktails on Victoria St at Two Hands. Our $5 Pint C.A Beers are also popular and why not grab some $10 pizza dinner while you’re at it! Choose from Margherita, Spicy Deluxe, Hawaiian and Mayo Potato!


Karaoke Package Deal

Come in for some Karaoke everyday! Before 7pm 1 hour tickets cost $10 and after 7pm, they’re $15! Stay extra hours and receive 50% off the original price for each hour! Also, keep in mind that on Wednesdays, Karaoke is FREE.


Happy Hour Wednesdays include $6 House spirits, $5 House Wine/House Sparkling and $4 Chips. While you’re at it, grab the mic and let loose with our FREE Wednesday Karaoke Special! Pick from a range of English classics to modern pop.


Celebrate the weekend with Beer, Spirits & Pizza on Saturdays at Two Hands. Happy Hour brings you $5 Pint Cricketer’s Arms Beer, 2 for 1 spirits and $10 large pizzas (Choose from Spicy Deluxe, Hawaiian, Margherita, Mayo Potato).


$30 Shisha with Assorted Flavours

Have you ever tried Shisha or Hookah? Two Hands Bar offers a variety of assorted flavours including: Gum, Berry, Lemon, Mint, Peach, Grapefruit, Lemon Mint, Two Apple, Watermelon and Orange Mint. Come in and ask our staff to try it out!