Happy hour monday


It’s the beginning of the week but you don’t have to fall for those Monday Blues. Look forward to putting on a smile at Two Hands with our Monday Comedy Nights. Join us for some light hearted laughter and forget that it’s ONLY Monday with our special $6 selected stubbies and 1/2 all types of Large pizzas.

Happy hour monday


Chill with a Two Hands burger on Thursdays for $5 Burger, $6 House Spirits & 1/2 Beef Burger. We’ve got chips, onion rings and other great sides should you feel like something extra! 

Happy hour monday


Wind down on Sundays with $10 Cocktails. Come in for a late brunch and dinner to enjoy the rest of the weekend!



Get great deals on Tuesdays at Two Hands Bar with 1/2 Chicken parma and wash it down with some $6 Pint C.A Beer



Start off the weekend with some $20 Shisha on Victoria St at Two Hands. Our $6 Pint C.A Beer,House Wine and Sparkling which are also popular and why not grab some $5 pizzas and 1/2 Deep Fried Chicken dinner while you’re at it! Choose from Margherita, Tropical pineapple,Pepperoni.


Karaoke Package Deal

Come in for some Karaoke everyday! Before 7pm 1 hour tickets cost $10 and after 7pm, they’re $15! Stay extra hours and receive 50% off the original price for each hour! Also, keep in mind that on Wednesdays, Karaoke is FREE.


Happy Hour Wednesdays include 1/2 price Sake premium,$6 House Wine/House Sparkling and $10 Large Pizzas (Choose from Margherita, Tropical pineapple,Pepperoni).


Celebrate the weekend with Beer,Fish,chips & Large Pizza on Saturdays at Two Hands. Happy Hour brings you $6 Pint Cricketer’s Arms Beer,$10 large pizzas (Choose from Margherita, Tropical pineapple,Pepperoni) and 1/2 Fish & Chips.



$30 Shisha with Assorted Flavours

Have you ever tried Shisha or Hookah? Two Hands Bar offers a variety of assorted flavours including: Double Apple,Watermelon,Strawberry,Grapefruit,Blueberry,Grape,Peach,Gum. Come in and ask our staff to try it out!