Best Shisha Bar in Melbourne is Two Hands Rooftop Bar and it is  Located in Abbotsford. It differs from other
 bars because they offer Shisha with exciting offers and discounts. Come and enjoy a cozy atmosphere and kick it
back on our couches with your friends. It’s beautiful, clean, comfortable and it has a stunning view of the skyline.
 It’s a great place to spend quality time over some hookah and food with your friends. See how Japanese and Italian food
 will ignite your taste buds! This place has been transformed. This is not just a hookah bar. It’s an amazing restaurant and event space, as well…We are proud to serve our customers a brand new experience for Shisha with the highest quality of Flavours, with emphasis on variety, so each customer will Satisfy with Two Hands Bar.

Looking for Al Fakher Flavours. Al-Fakher is a premium brand  of flavoured shisha molasses. It is the most flavorful molasses
 in the market and well-known for the aroma and the smoothness of its smoke and is one of the most popular brands of hookah tobacco in the world. We stock  all the best Al Fakher flavours at favourable prices that  are much lower in price compared to other
Shisha in Melbourne. Al Fakher shisha offers mostly traditional flavours that reflect their traditional roots.

Variety of Shisha Flavours

Al Fakher Shisha Range

Al Fakher Peach

Peach Al Fakher Shisha draws out a consistent sweet and tart peach flavor. Open the pack and it smells like a characteristic peach should smell. The hookah flavour smoke is thick, producing vast mists, and the peach shisha is common tasting. Al Fakher Peach shisha flavour is an absolute necessity have for any hookah smoker’s.

Al Fakher StrawBerry

Strawberry Al Fakher Shisha Flavor is an
incredible starter  if you would like to try some
really basic fruit flavored shisha. Al Fakher
prevails with regards to duplicating a delectable strawberry flavor to appreciate. This flavor is
awesome all alone, yet in addition flourishes as
a major aspect of pretty much any shisha blend
you can cook up.

Al Fakher BlueBerry Mint

Al Fakher Blueberry Mint shisha Flavor!  is a simple flavor to love. While some mint-blend flavors have the mint overwhelming its accomplice season, this blueberry mint flavor is an ideal adjust of sweet berry and smooth mint. It produces respectable mists with up to three coals on it, however nothing that will totally overwhelm and refresh you.

Al Fakher Grape

Al Fakher Grape Shisha Flavor is a sweet and
If you’re a fan of Shisha, then you may
want to add this to your collection, it is many
people’s favorite shisha flavor. This Hookah
Flavour can make you feel like you are around
the smoky clouds. 
This sweet shisha give you
a satisfying and an awesome shisha session.

al Fakher Mint

Mint Al Fakher Shisha displays a splendidly adjusted medium-solid mint enhanced shisha. This hookah flavour delivers a lot of smoke and keeps going a tolerably prolonged stretch of time. While agreeable all alone, this mint shisha likewise makes an incredible blender for different flavors that could utilize somewhat mint to their group of flavor.

Al Fakher Apple Mint

Two Apples With Mint Al Fakher shisha Flavor is
a mix of the two smash hit Al Fakher flavors. Al
Fakher Two Apples hookah Flavor has a sweet
apple and licorice enhance that joins with Al
Fakher Mint to make a light however rich flavor
with additional thick billows of smoke. Al Fakher shisha truly a blend of two exemplary hookah

Fruity Range

   Two Apples / Double Apples

                Grape Fruit








BlueBerry with Mint
Two Apples with Mint
Watermelon with Mint
Lemon with Mint
Grape with Mint
Gum with Mint