Al Fakher Double Apple Mint

Two Apples With Mint Al Fakher shisha Flavor is a mix of the two smash hit Al Fakher flavors. Al Fakher Two Apples hookah Flavor has a sweet apple and licorice enhance that joins with Al Fakher Mint to make a light however rich flavor with additional thick billows of smoke. Al Fakher shisha truly a blend of two exemplary hookah flavors.

Al Fakher Mint

Mint Al Fakher Shisha displays a splendidly adjusted medium-solid mint enhanced shisha. This hookah flavour delivers a lot of smoke and keeps going a tolerably prolonged stretch of time. While agreeable all alone, this mint shisha likewise makes an incredible blender for different flavors that could utilize somewhat mint to their group of flavor.

Al Fakher Strawberry

Strawberry Al Fakher Shisha Flavor is an incredible starter  if you would like to try some really basic fruit flavored shisha. Al Fakher prevails with regards to duplicating a delectable strawberry flavor to appreciate. This flavor is awesome all alone, yet in addition flourishes as a major aspect of pretty much any shisha blend you can cook up.